Coach Name
Arm  (11 Teams) 
Arm Hawks U10B Sched Eric Isban
Arm Mountain Dogs U10B Sched David Simonds
Arm Mud Dogs U10B Sched Matt Leopold
Arm Thunder U10B Sched Andrew Berkowitz
Arm Breakers U10G Sched Sam Kirschner
Arm Reign U10G Sched Ivan Flores
Arm Sky Blue U10G Sched Cory Fasold
Arm Eagles U12B Sched Werner Lederer
Arm Pancakes U12G Sched Nolan Hecht
Arm Rangers U14B Sched Bill Goldman
Arm Terrors U14G Sched David Simonds
Bri  (10 Teams) 
Bri IRELAND U10B Sched Paul Torres
Bri Italy U10B Sched Dan Hulea
Bri Portugal U10B Sched Alex Jelenevsky
Bri Spain U10B Sched Brian Duperouzel
Bri Brazil U10G Sched Eric Gordon
Bri Galaxy U12B Sched Vadim Potanin
Bri Manor United U12B Sched Geoffrey Unger
Bri NYCFC U12B Sched Andrew Markowitz
Bri Breakaways U12G Sched David Kaplan
Bri Strikers U12G Sched Edison Chu
Chap  (8 Teams) 
Chap Eagles U12B Sched Rob Catarella
Chap New Castle United U12B Sched Jeffrey Friedman
Chap Jaguars U12G Sched Missy Fabel
Chap Falcons U14B Sched Missy Fabel
Chap Strikers U14G Sched Michael Salamida
Chap Chelsea U19C Sched Mark Ellis
Chap City FC U19C Sched Robert Catarella
Chap Real U19C Sched Rodrigo Ocejo
Cro  (29 Teams) 
Cro Alpher U08B Sched Yariv Alpher
Cro Atique U08B Sched Shamoon Atique
Cro Barillaro U08B Sched Joe Barillaro
Cro Burns U08B Sched Greg Burns
Cro Cramer U08B Sched Kirk Cramer
Cro Hagen U08B Sched Thomas Hagen
Cro Mukherjee U08B Sched Raja Mukherjee
Cro Newman U08B Sched Alex Newman
Cro Becker U08G Sched Dave Becker
Cro Chantel U08G Sched Xochilt Chantel
Cro Chen U08G Sched Danny Chen
Cro Cummings U08G Sched Dan Cummings
Cro Hicks U08G Sched Lisa Hicks
Cro Smith U08G Sched Kevin Smith
Cro Camillieri U10B Sched Paul Camillieri
Cro Cruz U10B Sched Carlos Cruz
Cro Hough U10B Sched Jamie Hough
Cro Infanti U10B Sched Sal Infanti
Cro Jacobson U10B Sched Chris Jacobson
Cro Martinez U10B Sched John Martinez
Cro Gardos U10G Sched Sue Gardos
Cro Obermeier U10G Sched Vin Obermeier
Cro Stok U10G Sched Leon Stok
Cro Umar U10G Sched Jahaun Umar
Cro Henley U12B Sched Charles Henley
Cro Martinez U12B Sched John Martinez
Cro Boglioli U12G Sched Dan Boglioli
Cro Stok U14B Sched Leon Stok
Cro Ferrari/Flam U14G Sched Gary Ferrari
Irv  (2 Teams) 
Irv Bulldogs U10B Sched Uri Minkoff
Irv Red Bulls U10B Sched Stacey Marron
MK  (6 Teams) 
MK Cosmos U10B Sched Nicolas Bagley
MK Foxes U10G Sched Max Dounn
MK Cosmos U12B Sched Jhon Pineda
MK Foxes U12G Sched Derek Manning
MK Juniors U14B Sched Robert Rossellli
MK Foxes U14G Sched Jackie Jordan
MP  (10 Teams) 
MP Fireballs U12B Sched Erika DelDuca
MP Kickers U12B Sched Mike Williams
MP Passers U12B Sched Frank Capuano
MP Challengers U12G Sched Anthony Morzello
MP Shooting Stars U12G Sched Domenick Vita
MP Titans U12G Sched David Fourie
MP Dribblers U14B Sched Sal Marino
MP Refugees U14B Sched Noah Tarchoun
MP Bandits U14G Sched David Daly
MP Cosmos U19C Sched Chris Corrao
Oss  (28 Teams) 
Oss Arsenal U10B Sched Jason Rovenger
Oss Chelsea U10B Sched Devys Rivera
Oss Everton U10B Sched Dan Lange
Oss Leicester U10B Sched Pete Duran
Oss Liverpool U10B Sched Michael Knopp
Oss Manchester U10B Sched James Wilson
Oss NewCastle U10B Sched Raquel Solis
Oss Swansea U10B Sched Brad Cauthen
Oss Tottenham U10B Sched Allison Mitchell
Oss Watford U10B Sched Benjamin Grant Johnson
Oss AC Milan U10G Sched Sylvana Morales
Oss Fiorentina U10G Sched John Temple
Oss Genoa U10G Sched Robb Shandroff
Oss Athletico U12B Sched Bob Jain
Oss Barcelona U12B Sched Mark Torres
Oss Malaga U12B Sched Enver Dzaferovic
Oss Real Madrid U12B Sched Guojing Cong
Oss Valencia U12B Sched Richard Bobadilla
Oss Villareal U12B Sched Trip Kyle
Oss Lyon U12G Sched Giorgio Vinces
Oss Marseille U12G Sched Mike Mione
Oss Monaco U12G Sched Andres Rosales
Oss PSG U12G Sched Jon Chauca
Oss Chile U14B Sched Luis Dutan
Oss Ivory Coast U14B Sched Orin Douglas
Oss Spain U14B Sched Shay Fitzpatrick
Oss Bayern U14G Sched Darryl Estrine
Oss Europa U16C Sched Freddy Rivera
Pleas  (14 Teams) 
Pleas Arsenal U10B Sched O'Malley
Pleas Cosmos U10B Sched Henry Leyva
Pleas Earthquakes U10B Sched Ed Curry
Pleas Fire U10B Sched Dan Blaney
Pleas red bulls U10B Sched Paul Mancuso
Pleas Eagles U10G Sched Eric Grunspan
Pleas Falcons U10G Sched Thomas shingler
Pleas Hawks U10G Sched Erik Kristensen
Pleas Stingers U12B Sched Ben Pergamet
Pleas Sweat Hogs U12B Sched Ted McCourtney
Pleas Warriors U12B Sched Denise Doran
Pleas Survivors U12G Sched Dennis OBrien
Pleas Sharks U14G Sched Lori O'Malley
Pleas Panthers U19C Sched Jill Jameson
RUFC  (9 Teams) 
RUFC Arsenal U12B Sched  
RUFC Chelsea U12B Sched  
RUFC Manchester U12B Sched Bobby Jagessar
RUFC City U12G Sched Craig Kazmierczak
RUFC Cosmos U12G Sched Jason Jobe
RUFC Galaxy U12G Sched Kevin Polakoff
RUFC Barcelona U14B Sched Kevin McNulty
RUFC Madrid U14B Sched Todd Restler
RUFC Quest U14G Sched Adam Kolker
Som  (8 Teams) 
Som Somers Panthers U10B Sched Scott Munson
Som Somers Wildcats U10B Sched cameron mcclure
Som Somers Strikers U10G Sched Ian Carnow
Som Somers Blazers U12B Sched John Vera
Som Somers Crushers U12G Sched Dave Sposito
Som Somers Red Storm U14B Sched ray kerins
Som Somers Chargers U14G Sched craig bolotin
Som Somers Hawks U19C Sched craig bolotin
Tar  (18 Teams) 
Tar Argentina U10B Sched Roberto Molina
Tar Chile U10B Sched Israel Contreras
Tar England U10B Sched Sean Murphy
Tar France U10B Sched Andrea Morse
Tar Greece U10B Sched Georgios Papadopoulos
Tar Australia U10G Sched Israel Contreras
Tar Brazil U10G Sched Peter DeSimini
Tar Germany  U10G Sched Kevin McNally
Tar Portugal U10G Sched Nathanial Smith
Tar Hurricanes U12B Sched Rauer, Brian
Tar Lightning U12B Sched Paul Pirozzi
Tar Monsoons U12B Sched Sundararaman Natarajan
Tar Storm U12B Sched Francisco Mendieta
Tar Cougars U12G Sched Mark Rogers
Tar Jaguars U12G Sched Michael Lieval
Tar Condors U14B Sched Juan Cobos
Tar Comets U14G Sched Howard Allen
Tar Spartans U19C Sched Aniello Ricchiuti
Yor  (2 Teams) 
Yor Letizia U12G Sched Tony Letizia
Yor Screaming Sharks U14G Sched Jenn Muller
  Town Number of
Arm 11
Bri 10
Chap 8
Cro 29
Irv 2
MK 6
MP 10
Oss 28
Pleas 14
Som 8
Tar 18
Yor 2
  Totals (13 groups) 155

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